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VESTA® Services Overview

"Building on over 40 years of expertise in public safety equipment and contact handling, the VESTA® NG911 portfolio expands on a market leading position and commitment to customer engagement. Providing comprehensive training and engineering support, the company garners world-class customer satisfaction results. From VESTA deployments across 48 states and 10,000 call handling positions, the Temecula, California division demonstrates a unique understanding of the needs and concerns of public safety answering points."

- Brendan Read, Senior Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
On Airbus DS Communications Awarded NG9-1-1 Company of the Year 2016

Ask our thousands of Public Safety, corporate and Federal customers why they choose us and you'll often hear we "always make it right."

We understand you have unique needs, and it's why we offer our comprehensive VESTA® Services solution. It includes five invaluable components from which to choose, helping ensure you have everything you need for success with our NG9-1-1, P25 Radio and Emergency Notification offerings.

VESTA Services Highlights

Five Valuable Components for Your Success


It Starts with You

YOU NEED a provider who understands your goals, direction and challenges. We:


Customized to Requirements

YOU NEED the assurance that the time spent in the Engineer phase is applied to the solution you expect. We:


A Smooth Transition

YOU NEED a smooth transition from our facility to your site and our unwavering commitment to be there until the job is done. We:


Comprehensive & Proactive Support

YOU NEED a support plan that is comprehensive, proactive, backed by state-of-the-art technology and adhered to with discipline, care and commitment. We provide:


People You Can Trust

YOU NEED people you can trust, based on their knowledge, skills and experience, to quickly and accurately manage your issues, and to communicate with 24/7/365. We provide: